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Fudo-san (as he is most usually called in
Japan) is a fierce
looking monster.  For someone who doesn’t know better, he
looks exactly like a demon.  This is not the case
Fudô Myo-o is usually surrounded by flames, often painted bright red or
orange, even in stone statues.  They represent the burning of
anger and passion to purify the mind.
He usually stands or sits on a rock which represents his determination
to stay where he stands (his immovability).  
Fudô Myo-o holds a rope in his left hand, used to catch and bind demons
and a sword called “Kurikara” or devil-subduing sword to, well, you
guessed it, subdue the demons.  It is also used to cut through

His face is contorted in anger, his eyebrows elevated and his
grimacing menacingly. 

He usually has two fangs protruding from his mouth: one
pointing upwards (represents the strength of his desire to progress
upward in his service for the Truth) and the other one pointing
downward (represents his unlimited compassion for those suffering in
body and spirit).