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Heat Patching

Custom Vinyl Heat patches for gis. Judo Style patches, names, logos, gym logos, sponsor logos, email now for a quote! 


What is a Heat Transfer patch? 
We create patches made from a special vinyl that is first cut to shape and then heat pressed to your gi using a special process. All patches have a gi colored background for proper adhesion. We will do our best to match your gi but its not guaranteed to be exact. 

Do these patches hold up..are they durable?
Yes. Wear is inevitable with any product use over time, so it depends how much mat time it sees and how hard you push it. We recommend heat patching for your competition Gi's only. We have gis that we train in regularly and they do wear well, but the wear. 

Are they tournament legal?
Yes. Our patches are IBJJF legal and approved for many other organizations too.  

How much does it cost?
Custom work pricing depends on logo sizes and number of colors.  Quotes for custom orders via email only. Additional work will be billed separately. Email for quotes.

                                 CUSTOM PATCHING CHECKLIST

  • ARTWORK - Your artwork must be submitted in AI or PDF format. 
  • GI INFO - Any info about your Gi such as the brand name, size, and color. A picture of the front and back of your Gi can really help a lot.
  • YOUR TEXT - Your name or other message to be pressed on the Gi. Please include any fonts, font names, or examples that you like.
  • PATCH SIZES - The size that you want you finished patches (example: Your text with 3" height, or circular logo with 8" width)
  • PATCH LOCATIONS - Where do you want to put all these patches, and in what order? On the front of the jacket, back of the jacket, left or right sides and orientation please. Tell us how you want it. 
  • PATCH COLORS - The number of colors in your artworks, and/or any colors you wish to change. ( 3 colors MAX )

NOTE! You must have all your artwork done and in usable graphics formats for your patch. We will be happy to do design work for you too but it is NOT included in the pricing of the patch. 




We are located in Massachusetts, if you're not able to bring us your gi, you will need to ship it to us. Please ship it insured so that you are protected if something happens to your gi in transit. Return shipping will also be the responsibility of the customer and will be factored into the patching process pricing. 


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