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Summer 2019 trends

Posted on June 19 2019

Summer 2019 trends

Hey everyone!! 

Looks like crop tops are the huge thing for the Summer of 2019. SO many designers coming out with cropped designs, like our crop t-shirts and crop tank tops, we also offer crop hoodies for those cool summer nights. 

Its especially awesome when you can combine the current fashion trends with the sport you're so passionate about, BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU!!! No matter where you are or who you meet, Jiu Jitsu comes up in the conversation at some point. Weather its where you got a random bruise, or how you're so ripped for the summer... you're going to talk about BJJ at some point. What better way for a conversation to start than over the coolest BJJ tee shirt you're wearing!!! 

Check out our catalog for many different styles for hot summer sun and cool summer nights...  


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